Welcome to Kapitulnik research group!


Current Research Directions:


We study Quantum Materials with novel electronic states at low temperatures.

New (QUANTUM) materials in which unique properties emerge from the strong interactions among many degrees of freedom on an atomic scale mark a new era in condensed matter and materials physics. In particular, correlated electron fluids can exhibit a startling array of complex phases which can either compete or intertwine, and in many cases will exhibit nanoscale ordering phenomena. Our group uses a variety of measurement techniques and novel probes such as scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy and high-resolution mageneto-optics, all of which are home-built for optimal performance.



We also use our expertise to build table-top experiments, such as the one to test Newton's gravity at the 50 µm scale.

Recent theories of physics beyond the Standard Model would, if true, lead to deviations from Newtonian gravity on experimentally accessible length scales. To detect or constrain such deviations, we constructed two experiments, both with cantilever-based probes, to directly measure the force between two masses separated by tens of microns. Our apparati include novel solutions to experimental challenges culminating in detection capability of forces at the range of attonewton (10-18N) strength.