Welcome to Kapitulnik research group!

We study emergent phenomena in Quantum Materials, including unique states of matter and phase transitions.

Our group focuses on the discovery and understanding of the nature, causes and consequences of emergent behavior in strongly-correlated quantum materials, especially in relation to the occurrence of superconductivity and magnetismWe particularly interested in low dimensional systems and the effects of disorder.

  • We fabricate samples and devices as well as collaborate with world leading laboratories to obtain highest quality samples. 
  • We use a variety of experimental techniques to study transport, thermodynamic, optical, and magnetic properties, while often utilizing unique probes such as scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy, high-resolution mageneto-optics, photothermal microscopy, or ultra-sensitive torque magnetometry, all of which are home-built for optimal performance.




We also use our expertise to build table-top experiments, including tests for Newton's gravity at the 50 µm scale and Search for 0.1 - 10 meV axions.