Aharon Kapitulnik, PI  (short CV)

Theodore and Sydney Rosenberg Professor in Applied Physics
Professor of Applied Physics and Physics 
Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials McCullough building, room 361 
Tel: 650 723 3847 



  Clora Yeung, Support staff 
phone:   650-725-5377
Address:   McCullough 331
  Alan Fang, Research Staff
Phone: 650-723-0148
Lab: McCullough 003
Research Topics: Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy, STM + Integrated MBE
  Elizabeth Schemm, Research Staff
Phone: 650-723-0148
Lab: PAB S-07
Research Topics: Sagnac Interferometry, Time reversal symmetry breaking of unconventional superconductors
  Se Joon Lim, PhD Student
Phone: 650-723-0148
Lab: McCullough 001
Research Topics: Magneto-optics, Photogalvanic effects, non-linear optical effects in solids
  Jiecheng Zhang (JC), PhD Student
Phone: 650-723-0148
Lab: McCullough 001
Research Topics: Electrons in bad metals, Diffusivity of electrons in bad metals

  Sam Mumford, PhD Student

Phone: 650-723-0854
Lab: PAB S-07/McCullough 001
Research Topics: Short range gravity, optomechanics, Axions search, Interferometry

  Erik Kountz, PhD Student

Phone: 650-723-0148
Lab: McCullough 001
Research Topics: Electrical and thermal transport in Bad Metals

  Tiffany Paul, PhD Student

Phone: 650-723-0148
Lab: McCullough 001
Research Topics: Hall and Nernst Magnetometry

  Xinyang (Victor) Zhang, PhD Student

Phone: 650-723-0148
Lab: McCullough 001
Research Topics: Superconductor-Insulator Transitions and Anomalous metallic state


PhD Students:

  • Kookrin Char (1989), Professor and Chair, (formerly Dean of Graduate Studies), Department of Physics, Seoul National University, Korea.
  • David B. Mitzi (1990), Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Duke University , NC.
  • Julia W.P. Hsu (1990), Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, Department of MS&E, TI Nanoelectronics Distinguished Chair- MS&E, University of Texas Dallas. 
  • Michael R. Hahn (1993), Senior Director, Hardware Business Development, Microsoft Corp., Mt. View, CA.
  • Jeffrey S. Urbach (1993), Professor of Physics, formerly Chair of Physics, Georgetown University, Washington DC.
  • Louis W. Lombardo (1994), Founder, Teragon Research Inc., San Francisco, CA.
  • Seungoh Ryu (1994), Chief Programmer, Founder: iStormApps, Math Game House LLC.
  • Ali Yazdani (1994), Professor of Physics, Princeton University, NJ.
  • Kathryn A. Moler (1995), Professor of Applied Physics and Physics, Stanford University.
  • Steven J. Dodge (1997), Associate Professor of Physics, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Monica Hellerqvist (1998), Senior Product, Marketing and Project Manager, Lam Research, CA.
  • Nadya Mason (2001), Professor of Physics, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL.
  • John Chiaverini (2002) Member of Technical Staff, MIT Lincoln Lab., Cambridge, MA.
  • Craig Howald (2003), Associate Professor of Physics, Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio.
  • Sylvia Smullin (2005), R&D Specialist, Google X, Mountain View, CA.
  • Myles A. Steiner (2006), Member of Technical Staff , National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO.
  • David M. Weld (2007), Assistant Professor of Physics, UC Santa Barbara. 
  • Andrew A. Geraci (2007), Associate Professor of Physics, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.
  • Alan C. Fang (2008), Research Scientist, SIMES, Stanford, CA.
  • Jing Xia (2008), Associate Professor of Physics, University of California Irvine.
  • Zhanybek Alpichshev (2012), Assistant Professor of Physics, Institute of Science and Technology, Austria.
  • Nicholas Breznay (2013), Assistant Professor of Physics, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA.
  • Li Zhang (2013), Member of Technical Staff, Div. of Panel, Process and Optics, Apple Computers Inc., CA.
  • Hovnatan Karapetyan (2013), Data Scientist, Armenia.
  • Alexander D. Fried (2014), Senior Data Scientist, automotiveMastermind Inc., NY.
  • Elizabeth R. Schemm (2014), Research Associate, GLAM, Stanford, CA.
  • Qi Yang (2018), Post-doctoral Fellow, Harvard University.


Post-Doctoral Fellows:

  • Philippe Fluckiger, Director of Operations, EPFL Center of NanoTechnology, Switzerland.
  • Patrick Fournier, Professor, University of Sherbrooke, Canada.
  • Lior Klein, Professor, Bar-Ilan University, Israel.
  • Damian Zech, COO Private Banking France & Belgium at Credit Suisse.
  • Susanne Döttinger,  
  • Merav Dolev, Director of Business Development, RENVU, LLC.
  • Eli Levenson-Falk, Assistant Professor, USC, Los Angeles, CA.

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